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Hi everyone.
11-12-2022, 11:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 11-12-2022, 12:03 PM by Phantom.)
Hi everyone.
My name is SpiDeR and i have started this forum because i wanted to bring the football world to 1 place The Football Factory where you and others can come here and just enjoy talking about anything you want and show us your passion you have for your football team.

The site has just opened and a lot of things still need to be done, we still need more time but i think we can do all these things whilst the website is open, and we do this for the people so they can see the site and register when they want.

This site will have a lot to offer to all kinds of fans and that includes the elite fans the Ultras and anyone can request to have their status moved to the Ultras group, but there will be a process you need to go through and proof you are with the Ultra team.

The Ultras will have their own private area in a forum not accessible by others.

I am also starting a sort of freelancer forum where people can request certain payable jobs from experts (only PayPal payments is accepted) and you will be dealing through the freelancer and not the site here.

The last thing i want to add is that i need a lot of ideas from you the members to tell me what you would like to add or see here, it doesn't matter what it is you request, if i find it useful for me to add it to the site so it will benefit our members i will get it done. 

Please feel free to move and look around and if you decide this is for you then just register and enjoy this friendly site.

Thank you.


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